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Shop our craftfully blended collection of salves, tinctures and infused oils; grown or wild harvested locally to ensure freshness and potency.

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From nature to you...

See what is special about Manna. Our herbs are grown organically or found locally in their natural setting; ensuring the full medicinal profile intended by our creator. Fresh, powerful herbs from nature to you.

  • Cold Sore Balm

    Get relief with a variety of botanicals and just enough tea tree oil to zap those pesky sores.

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  • Kick-it Immune

    Add this herbal blend to your immunity protocol and get back up and moving much quicker!

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  • Cough

    Herbs like Lobelia, Mullein, Red Clover and more target a wide array of symptoms from expelling mucous to supressing the urge to cough.

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  • Bite, Sting, Wound-Healing and More...

    This salve really is all-things-skin! Great for travel, in the purse, under a band-aid ... or even as a spot-treatment for pimples!

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