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Cough herbal remedy

Cough herbal remedy

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Cough herbal remedy, herbal tincture for cough, urge to cough, loosen mucous. expel mucous

This tincture is a blend of herbs traditionally used to aid with cough, urge to cough, expelling mucous, soothing airways

Ingredients: Lobelia, Plantain, Red Clover, Mullein, Nettle

Suggested Use: (Children) 1/2 to 1 droppers in water, (Adults) 1 to 2 droppers in water, tea or juice. During times of cough/congestion, if relief does not occur, repeat 30-60 mins later..

Servings: 30 Droppers per ounce

All herbs have been wild harvested responsibly in areas that have not been chemically treated or polluted with contaminants or organically grown.

Each tincture is formulated to extract maximum beneficial properties from each herb. Alcohol based tinctures contain 40-60% ABV.

None of these formulas have been reviewed by FDA therefore they can not be promoted as a treatment, cure or preventative of any disease. Stop use if irritation occurs, consult doctor before use.  For Educational purposes only.


We wild harvest or organically grow our herbs ensuring freshness and quality. Simply put, our herbs work.

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